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Introduction (HackPack)

It is a light weight sniffer. Its first release is out and is developed for the programmers and hackers who need a basic packet capturing machine to work on.

Are you looking for someones email accounts password, here is the solution

I am developing a varient of HackPack - an Email Password Sniffer, which will do something good. It will grab you the Username and Passwords of Rediffmail account of people surfing from same cybercafe or local network. Then it will be developed for Indiatimes and so on... Well I know it shouldn't be there, but this is just to show how hazardous it could be to transfer the passwords in clear text.


Download the releases of the product :   hackpack
Development version can be downloded through CVS from cvs.sourceforge.net
Repository is: /cvsroot/hackpack


The hackpack Handbook

HackPack Group

Be a part of HackPack group to recieve latest updates, security reviews and report errors or can also request a feature.

Post message:hackpack@yahoogroups.com
List owner:hackpack-owner@yahoogroups.com


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